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How to Check Airtel Data Balance

Want to check Airtel data balance? or find out all the bonus data you have on your Airtel line. You don't need to stress yourself, we have got you covered.

Airtel Plans that give Free MB

Airtel offers her subscribers various data offers and bonus that could rival what other networks have got to deliver. This article covers all the Airtel plans that give free MB - Megabyte.

Airtel Data Plans: Full list and subscription Codes

Are you living in an area with good Airtel internet coverage and wondering which Airtel data plan to subscribe ? Worry no more as we provide you with the full list of Airtel Data plans, the prices, and their respective subscription codes.

Airtel Smart Talk 2.0, the cheapest tariff plan in 2019

Smart Talk 2.0 is one of the latest prepaid tariff plans from Airtel that offers more talk for less with 11k per sec flat call rate to all networks in Nigeria after a daily access charge of just 5.00 NGN.

Full Details of the Airtel SMART Trybe tariff plan

Airtel Smart Trybe tariff plan is one of the latest and unique tariff plan from Airtel Nigeria. The Smart Trybe tariff plan was created to offer the best rates on data and calls to all networks without compromising on other exciting benefits that is expected to make it unique.

Airtel - Recharge and get 4 times the value

Airtel customers can now recharge their lines and get 400 percent bonus for calls, SMS and data, this simply means that you get 4 times the value of your recharge and it can be used for calls and SMS to any network in Nigeria. No hidden charge or daily fee, see the code and other hints as you read on.

How to know your mobile number on Airtel, Glo, Etisalat & MTN

Not everyone would find it very easy remembering the mobile number of their newly purchased SIM card especially when you use more than one line. This could have been the major reason why all the major service providers in Nigeria created a short-code to enable both the new and old customers check their mobile number without stress.

Airtel Customer Care Whatsapp Numbers

Some weeks ago,  MTN created access to her customer care service through Whatsapp, Airtel has also decided to join the train by launching her own customer care whatsapp numbers to allow Airtel subscribers in Nigeria gain access to quick and convenient customer service through the popular mobile messaging platform.  See the Airtel customer Care numbers below:

New Airtel 3GB Data for 1000 Naira; Subscription Code

Airtel Nigeria has done the unexpected with its launch of this new data plan that gives you 3GB of data for just 1000 Naira. This is definitely the first of its kind owing to the fact that no service provider has ever made data so cheap unless its a BB plan. According to sources online, this Airtel data plan can also be used by  Non-BB devices, I'm yet to give it a try but incase you are interested, see the subscription code for 3GB Airtel plan below.

Airtel Blackberry Unlimited, Absolute and Complete plans for BB10

This post contains all the Airtel Blackberry plans for BB10 users on the Airtel Network in Nigeria. You will find all the various airtel blackberry plans for BB10 users which includes Airtel blackberry Monthly, weekly and daily plans. See the full details of the subscription codes and price list below.

Airtel 1GB Data for 100 Naira Every Weekend: Subscription Code

Airtel Nigeria has launched a Weekend internet data plan that offers a whooping 1GB data for just 100 Naira and it is valid for usage within Friday to Sunday Night. I will share an interesting tip with you as you read on.

Codes for the New Airtel UnlimiNET Data Packages

The Airtel UnlimiNET data package offers more than just internet data to Airtel customers. The Plan includes free talk time and SMS all at an affordable price. With as little as 200 Naira, you can get 10 MB of data, 3 minutes of voice call and 3 SMS. See full list of the Airtel UnlimiNET packages and  their subscription codes below.

How to activate or deactivate auto-borrow credit on airtel and glo

Shortly after the credit borrowing service was launched by major telecommunication providers in Nigeria, plans were quickly made to put the whole system of borrowing credit on Auto-pilot to make sure our calls don't get interrupted when credit get exhausted. It's a really cool initiative but sometimes we make some calls and don't really wish to call back if the current call credit gets exhausted. So, if you've opt-in for the auto-borrow service on your glo and airtel lines but wish to deactivate it now, here's how to go about it.

Quickteller is giving all Airtel subscribers instant Bonus this August

Quickteller is one of Nigeria's online platform for processing payments and in this August 2014, Quickteller has decided to reward both her present and returning customers using the Airtel network on every airtime purchased. Details below

Subscription codes for the Airtel Android Bundle

Airtel has finally made a step towards finding solution to problem of internet data affordability for Android users in Nigeria.

Airtel Blackberry Unlimited Plan now reduced from 2 GB to 1.5 GB

If you have been using the Airtel Blackberry unlimited plan , you would have noticed that the allocated data is no longer 2 GB . This happened to be a reduction that caught users unawares as Airtel Nigeria did not bother sending any message to inform customers before reducing the allocated data by 0.5 GB (500MB) .

Cheapest Internet Data Plans for PC, Androids, iPads and other mobile devices 2019

Recently, a lot of people have been asking me on my facebook , Google+ pages about cheap internet data plans that is not only affordable but with enough bandwidth/Data.

Codes For Borrowing Airtime Credits on Glo, MTN and Airtel networks in Nigeria

Glo, Airtel and MTN Networks in Nigeria now allows her subscribers to borrow credits and pay later. The service tends to be a life saver if you happen to find yourself in a situation where you need to call someone very urgent and there is no means of getting recharge cards to make it possible. Here's how to go about it.

How To Transfer Airtime On Airtel Network

Are you trying to transfer airtime on Airtel network? You might have tried some codes that didn't work, that's why I have created the step-by-step guide to enable you transfer airtime with ease.

How To Add and Remove Friends On Airtel Club 10 Padis

For the benefit of everyone that has been wondering how to add friends to their club 10 padis in order to enjoy all the benefits of the tariff plan, here's how to do it but incase you are hearing about this plan for the first time and wish to know all the details as well as migration codes - Read this article -   How To Migrate To Airtel Club10 Padis .