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Blackberry plans to Kill its Apps Store

Prepare to say Goodbye to Blackberry app store. Blackberry has announced plans to kill its Apps store by December 2019. 

Full list of Glo BB10 Data Plans and subscription codes

Glo BB10 data plans provides Blackberry phones running OS 10 to enjoy very affordable internet service packages. With as little as 100 Naira, you can be sure of getting online. See the full list and subscription code as you read on.

Glo stops Blackberry Internet Service Data Plans (BIS)

The Giant provider of affordable internet service Globacom has recently announced the discontinuity of its BIS - Blackberry Internet Service Plans.

Blackberry to Stop Producing BB10 Phones and focus on Android

Around 8 to 9 years ago, Blackberry arrived Nigeria, the phone introduced many Nigerians to the world of exciting social media messaging and push email messages. Despite the great features of this phone, the mobile market became unfavorable within a short period of its existence with the launch of Android Phones.

Glo Blackberry Complete Plan increased to 1400 Naira

The Glo Blackberry Complete Plan that we have known to be 1000 Naira has been increased to 1400 Naira. If you have tried to subscribe to the Glo BBC plan, you might have noticed that 1000 Naira is now insufficient to complete the transaction. It is simply because Glo has increased the price of the Glo Blackberry Complete Plan.

Get full Details of Unknown songs with Shazam Mobile Application

If you have always wanted to get quick and detailed information about a song you just bump into on radio, TV or a public space and asking from people around hasn't been too productive then, Shazam is your best option. 

Does Glo BIS still work on PC and other mobile devices?

For some time now, people have been asking me if it's still possible to use Glo BIS Plan on PC and other mobile devices like androids , ipads e.t.c. Mind you, it is very possible, with some few extra requirements you'll be good to go. And by the way, i don't consider this as a cheat since you will be paying for the Glo BIS subscription and you won't be using more than the allocated data of the plan.

How To Install BBM on lower android versions like Gingerbread (Android 2.3)

It's no news that it is not all versions of android that supports the use of bbm . It is only higher versions of Android (Ice cream sandwich and above) that have official versions of bbm . But as a matter of fact, people using lower android versions shouldn't be left out of the fun. So, here's how you can download and use bbm on your Android phone running Gingerbread OS. Before you proceed,

How To Remove The last seen time stamp on your whatsapp details in 3 Steps

Many people don't like to be monitored and love to exit whatsapp without the "last seen on ...... " display telling their whatsapp contacts the last time they were online. You can actually remove it if you don't want it. Here's the simple steps on how to remove the last seen on.... from your whatsapp details.

How To Install Earlier versions of BBM Instead Of BBM 8.0

Ever since the latest version of BBM (BBM 8.0) was released, a lot of people using some kind of lower blackberry versions have been having issues with hanging and slow loading on the new BBM, Downgrading to a lower version has also been impossible but here's how  you can delete and install lower versions of BBM on your Blackberry and say bye-bye to the slow loading and frustrating hangs.

How To Install Instagram and Temple Run on Blackberry

The latest upgrade of Blackberry 10 to 10.2.1 now allows Blackberry devices running this new update to install and use Android Apps such as Instagram and Temple run. So if you have been thinking of sharing your pix on instagram or running endlessly with temple run but you've always been disappointed because it is unavailable in the Blackberry world, here's just what you need to do.

The Best Smartphone Brands in the Nigerian Market

In Nigeria there are always more people switching from a normal cellphone to a smartphone. The reasons can be many: first of all, they are ‘smarter’ and allow you to do many more things, thanks to their apps and browsers, such as chats and surfing the net. Second, they are more trendy and up to date all over the world. So how do you change your

Price Of Blackberry Q10 Gold In Nigeria

The Blackberry Q10 Gold is a "sophisticated" version of the Blackberry Q10 made by RIM, producers of Blackberry, the phone is just like the normal blackberry Q10 but with a 24 Karat-Gold stainless steel frame, Gold Accented Headset , Exclusive Range of BlackBerry PINs and Protective Leather Sleeve in addition to the main features and specifications which includes;

BBM Now Available on Android, Download BBM For Android Free

BBM has finally arrived for Android Phone Users. After all the months of patiently waiting, the BBM application is now available although it is not yet available on Google play as speculated earlier last week. Moreover, there are a lot of ''Wanna-be'' BBM application right there on Google play so you need to

Is The BBM App still going to be available on Android and iPhone devices?

 The news went viral sometimes in May concerning the announcement of the owners of Blackberry Messenger Application a.k.a BBM to make the popular and unique messaging application available to Android and iPhone devices. This BBM application as you all know, has been known to be the distinct feature of the Blackberry devices that has made it to stand out among other smartphones.

List Of AIRTEL Blackberry Plans For Blackberry Z10 smartphone in Nigeria

The New Blackberry Z10 was released February this year 2013 by the Research In Motion RIM Company and Telecommunications providers in Nigeria has made it  known that the usual BIS plan will not be available to this device therefore they’ve all provided a separate data plan for it.

Download PingMe Messenger and Socialize with your friends on Blackberry, Windows phones, Androids and other iOS Phones

PingMe messenger is a social Application that works on Windows Phones , IOS ( like iPhone 5, iPod touch, iPad, iPad mini, iPhone 4 /4S/3GS),  Kindle fire, Android and Blackberry devices. PingMe messenger is a cool application that you can trust to help you socialise, share