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Full list of Glo BB10 Data Plans and subscription codes

Glo BB10 data plans provides Blackberry phones running OS 10 to enjoy very affordable internet service packages. With as little as 100 Naira, you can be sure of getting online. See the full list and subscription code as you read on.

Glo stops Blackberry Internet Service Data Plans (BIS)

The Giant provider of affordable internet service Globacom has recently announced the discontinuity of its BIS - Blackberry Internet Service Plans.

Glo launches 4G LTE in Lagos and 8 other cities in Nigeria

Globacom Nigeria today announced the launch of it's 4G LTE network . The giant telecommunication company made the announcement through their Official twitter account and followers with compatible devices are already giving it a try.

How to know your mobile number on Airtel, Glo, Etisalat & MTN

Not everyone would find it very easy remembering the mobile number of their newly purchased SIM card especially when you use more than one line. This could have been the major reason why all the major service providers in Nigeria created a short-code to enable both the new and old customers check their mobile number without stress.

Latest Glo Data Plans 2018 - Full List and Subscription Codes

The price of Glo data plans has crashed further as competition between service providers wax stronger. Imagine getting 10 GB data for 2,500 Naira and 100MB for 100 Naira; Awesome isn't it? See the full list of the Glo data plans and their respective subscription codes that was just launched this week.

Glo's Weekend and Night Data Plans Subscription Codes

Do you know that you can get 3GB data to use for a whole weekend for just 500 Naira? or have a whooping 1GB data to rock every night (12 a.m to 5a.m) for just 200 Naira. Well, Glo Nigeria has made it possible for her subscribers with the launch of the Weekend and Night plans - see subscription codes below;

How to Check your Glo sim Registration Status

After visiting a Glo outlet or office to register your glo line, there's a way to find out if the registration was successful or not. Glo subscribers in Nigeria can follow these simple instruction to check the sim registration status of their glo line. 

Twitter Handle of Glo, MTN and Etisalat Customer Care

Until recently, contacting Glo, MTN or Etisalat customer care centers in Nigeria have been a very uneasy task that requires a lot of patience and of course a phone with good battery life to survive the long minutes or hours of waiting for a customer care representative to attend to you. As far back as 2012 most of the major service providers like MTN has taken advantage of the popular micro-bloging site, Twitter to provide customer assistance and this in turn can be said to have resulted in the quick response many subscribers are witnessing today.

Glo Blackberry Complete Plan increased to 1400 Naira

The Glo Blackberry Complete Plan that we have known to be 1000 Naira has been increased to 1400 Naira. If you have tried to subscribe to the Glo BBC plan, you might have noticed that 1000 Naira is now insufficient to complete the transaction. It is simply because Glo has increased the price of the Glo Blackberry Complete Plan.

How to stop Auto-renewal of your Glo Data Bundle

Glo data auto-renewal feature enables automatic re-subscription of your current data plan upon expiration provided you have enough credit to complete the transaction.

Get 1GB data for 1000 Naira on Glo Network

Glo has joined the league of service providers offering more data for less with the introduction of the Glo 1.5GB 2GB Data plan for just 1000 NGN. This is not a promo offer so be rest assured that we will be rocking it for a very long time just like the Glo 4.5GB 10GB data plan that goes for 2500 NGN.

Glo declared leader in New internet subscriber acquisition

According to reports by, The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has declared that Globacom Nigeria is the leader in new internet subscriber acquisition in the country’s telecommunications industry.

Get 6GB Data for 3000 Naira on Glo Network

Lately, Globacom Nigeria has been offering her customers more data value for less, the latest one is the 6GB data plan that goes for just 3,000 naira and it is valid for 30 days. See subscription code for the Glo 6GB plan as you read on.

Glo Now Offers 1.2 GB Data for 1000 Naira: See Code

Immediately the News about the Airtel 1GB data for 100 Naira  broke out some weeks ago, i already knew that other Telecommunication service providers will respond with reduced costs in data. Well, Globacom is the first to make this move with the launching of 1.5 GB of data for 1000 Naira. 

Details of the Health Insurance cover by Glo and NHIS

Globacom Nigeria in collaboration with NHIS- National Health Insurance Scheme and Salt & Einstein has put together the GLO HEALTH COVER to provide FREE medical consultation and medication for Glo subscribers in over 8000 hospitals nationwide.

How to share Data or MB on Glo network in Nigeria

Glo Nigeria also allows you to share your data with other devices using a glo SIM, it is not limited to your glo powered devices alone as you can also share your data or MB with other people's device so far they are on the glo network.

How to activate or deactivate auto-borrow credit on airtel and glo

Shortly after the credit borrowing service was launched by major telecommunication providers in Nigeria, plans were quickly made to put the whole system of borrowing credit on Auto-pilot to make sure our calls don't get interrupted when credit get exhausted. It's a really cool initiative but sometimes we make some calls and don't really wish to call back if the current call credit gets exhausted. So, if you've opt-in for the auto-borrow service on your glo and airtel lines but wish to deactivate it now, here's how to go about it.

The Glo Jolof package offers 6 mins of call + 6 sms for 50 naira

Globacom Nigeria has introduced various special packages that come with exciting bonuses, one of these special packages is the Glo Jolof package and it offers 6 (six) minutes of call time and 6 sms for a subscription fee of 50 naira only. The glo jolof comes in two options depending on the subscription

New Glo Activation codes to recharge call credits, data and IDD

You can now use the normal glo airtime credits to recharge data (MB), airtime and IDD with the new 3-in-1 feature from Glo network. This means that when you purchase glo airtime from your usual seller, you can now automatically load the card as data, airtime or IDD without the usual long process

Easiest way to Stop those annoying calls by Short Codes on Glo network

For some time now, everyone has been complaining about the rate at which some incomplete looking numbers otherwise referred to as short codes dial your number all in the name of advertising a product to you as a glo customer ( telemarketing automated Robo calls ). Although, it's not only Glo Nigeria that has become expert in disturbing the peace of their customers but other network providers