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2 Ways to Save Whatsapp Video Status on Android Phones

Are you looking for a way to download whatsapp video from status? or you are wondering how to save a video from a friend's whatsapp status to your Android phone. This post explains all the methods you can use to save any Whatsapp video status to your Android phone.

How to Spy Whatsapp Account of a cheating Partner for Free

Do you suspect that your spouse or partner is cheating and would like to monitor the person's Whatsapp account remotely from your own phone? This article will guide you on how to spy the whatsapp message of anyone without the person being aware of your actions.

How to Enable Whatsapp Chat heads on your Android Phone

Whatsapp messenger now has a new tweak which allows you to see new messages as chat heads just like your Facebook messenger.

Whatsapp now allows you to watch Videos without downloading it

WhatsApp has begun rolling out a nifty little option that can improve your video watching experience on its messaging platform. This feature allows users to stream and watch video sent to them via Whatsapp.

Whatsapp Video Call has finally been launched Officially

Your favorite messaging and voice call app Whatsapp has finally made the release of the Video Calling feature official.

Whatsapp Video Call feature Goes Live

Whatsapp is unarguably the most popular messaging app on the planet with over 1billion downloads. Whatsapp video call has been rumored to be released very soon but nobody could have guess how soon it could be until the company launched the beta version of the app which features a Video call button this week.

Whatsapp gets Mention feature in group chats: How to use

WhatsApp has finally added a new feature in Group Chats that allows you to mention a particular member in the group. Users can now tag individuals in a group chat. For users that are in group with many members, this could be a useful way of communicating with one particular person.

Whatsapp to Stop working on some Mobile Phones: See List

The popular mobile messaging App, Whatsapp is currently making plans to stop it's compatibility with certain mobile phones. This news came as a surprise especially when reports just confirmed that Whatsapp has gotten over 1 Billion downloads/ users across the globe. 

How to Use Whatsapp as a Search engine like Google

Whatsapp , one of the most widely used mobile messaging application in the world has been discovered to also feature some search engine abilities. This simply means that apart from using Whatsapp to chat and make voice calls, the mobile messaging app can also be used to send search queries and get results in real time. See how to activate it on your whatsapp as you read on.

How to Setup Whatsapp on PC using Google chrome

You don't have to use Third party apps to access Whatsapp on PC anymore, as Whatsapp now have a PC version that works on Google chrome. It is very easy to setup and you can quickly get your whatsapp running on your desktop PC in just few minutes. This tutorial will enable you activate this

How To Remove The last seen time stamp on your whatsapp details in 3 Steps

Many people don't like to be monitored and love to exit whatsapp without the "last seen on ...... " display telling their whatsapp contacts the last time they were online. You can actually remove it if you don't want it. Here's the simple steps on how to remove the last seen on.... from your whatsapp details.

List of Nokia Phones That Can Use Whatsapp Application

WhatsApp messenger has been here for a while and managed to become a better alternative for sms, voice messaging and calls globally. The Whatsapp application works on iPhones, Androids, BlackBerry, Windows phone and Nokia phones.