You can Get a new Apartment and Pay rent later, See How

Are you a salary earner?  Is your salary not capable of paying 1/2 year (s) rent at once? or perhaps you prefer to pay your rent monthly, Well, here is good news, you can now get an apartment and pay for it later.

Private Property Nigeria is offering a Rent Now Pay Later service which offers Salary earners the opportunity to get an apartment and pay the rent monthly. This service is also opened to non-salary earners that can show proof of a steady monthly income.

How To Apply for the Rent Now Pay Later Service

  • To Apply, you need to fill an online form. Click here to fill the form   . 
  • Wait for response from one of their agents

You can contact Private Property Limited on 01-3421935 or send an email to:

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3 thoughts on “You can Get a new Apartment and Pay rent later, See How”

  1. Guys, who has actually tried this program. I called their line and they confirmed this Rent program to be true. I just want to know if they are not having some strict terms and conditions


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