How to Submit Blogger Sitemap to Google


If you've successfully started up a blog on and has not turned off the visibility of the blog to search engines. You should proceed to Google Search console otherwise known as Google webmaster tools to configure your site for better traffic from Google and structured pages display on search results.

Although, after launching your blog and writing some articles, it is possible to start seeing some few page views via Google but with the complex nature of search engines, you will be getting very low organic traffic from Google if you do not submit the sitemap for that site to enable Google index all your site pages.

This tutorial will, therefore, guide you on the sitemap submission process on Google search console.
How to submit blogger sitemap to Google webmaster tools

Submitting blogger sitemap on Google Webmaster Tools

1. Login to and sign in with your Gmail account.

2. You should see the list of all your blogs that are associated with that Gmail account you logged in with but in case you want to add a new site, just click on Add site at the right-hand corner at the top then enter the URL without (HTTP or www.) for example

3. You will be asked to verify the site. So, just copy the meta tag and paste into the HTML section of your blogger. Sign in to your blogger account > click on the blog you want to edit > Template > edit HTML. Then paste immediately below the <head> tag as instructed.

4. Click on the tab "verify" on your Google webmaster tool page

5. Now, you have to submit a sitemap for google to crawl your site.Go back to the google webmaster dashboard or (home) and click the ‘Add’ link which is next to your blog name and in the Sitemaps column. Choose ‘Add general web sitemap’ from the drop-down menu and type sitemap.xml next to your blog address.

6.That’s it.Now your sitemap is successfully submitted to google. Be patient, it may take 2 or 3 days before you will start seeing the detailed statistics of your blog(indexed pages, any errors,etc.)

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