How to make money through the MTN SME Data share


MTN SME Data share is a product from MTN Nigeria targeted at small business owners in the country. This product enables you (A business owner) to purchase a large amount of data from MTN NG (Minimum of 10GB) then allocate the data to your staff as you deem fit. Mind you, this report is a little big longer than usual so you may need to take your time for proper understanding.

For example. you may purchase a 20GB bundle which costs 18,000 naira then share it among your staff as you wish. Moreover, you can share this data with any MTN line so it doesn't have to be your staff alone. Below is a break down of the different packages including their various prizes BUT before you continue with the subscription, you will need to migrate to the MTN SME plus tariff plan by texting 460 to 131


To subscribe, simply send the keyword of the plan you wish to purchase to 131 e.g To purchase the 75 GB plan, type 468 to 131. Alternatively, you may simply dial *461# then respond to the prompts that follow.

Now let's find out how you can make real cash from the MTN SME data share.

Make Money through the MTN SME Data Share

In order to make money through this MTN product, you need to have the following on standby;
1. An MTN line (Preferably a new one)
2. A Phone
3. A minimum capital of 10,000 Naira
4. A working Bank account (Optional)

Firstly, you need to read this article again from the beginning for instructions on migrating to the required tariff plan and also purchasing a data bundle. After doing that, you will need to fix prizes for the sale of 250MB, 500MB, 750MB and 1GB then publicize your new business to friends urging them to tell others. Currently, some people sell 250MB and 500MB for 400 and 700 Naira respectively.

Here's a brief illustration to help you figure out possible profits; If you purchase the 10GB plan and 40 people purchased 250MB from you at the rate of 400 naira, you will be making 1600 naira for every 1GB sold out and that is 16,000 naira all together amounting to 6,000 profit since you bought the plan 10,000 naira

TIPS: You may use facebook, a blog page, a small post sign on the street or any other advertising option you could use to get your business right in the face of potential customers. And regards, the prizing, i suggest you check out how much other people are selling theirs to know the best price to choose for the data plans. 

How to transfer data to Customers

This article will definitely be incomplete if i forget you tell you how you can transfer the data to your customers. Afterall, that's the main concept of the business.

To transfer data to a customer, simply compose an SMS in this format; SMESHARE <PhoneNumber> <DATASIZE> <PIN> or simply dial *461# to choose the transaction you want to do. For example- SMESHARE 0803123xxxx 250 1234

For more information on MTN SME data share see FAQs

That's all
If this was helpful, don't hesitate to share it with your friends on your social networks, your questions and observations are highly welcomed as well and I'd be glad to respond as soon as time permits.

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  1. I purchased data from someone but i noticed that i couldn't check the data balance from the normal *559#. Pls HELP

    1. You can check your data balance by either sending SHAREBALANCE to 131 or by dialing *461#

  2. Replies
    1. Sure it is, unless MTN feels otherwise but as for me i believe so far you are giving the customers what they want, the whole idea is just a simple buying and selling

  3. Pls show me the way sir, here's my email - [email protected]

  4. Boss, I'm interested. I would like to start with the sales of 250MB, ow much do you think i can be selling it. I just need your candid opinion. 10ks email: [email protected]

    1. You can use the price list on my previous post here! as a guideline

  5. Assuming I purchase the 10gb today and by nextweek I sell to a customer say 250mb, when is it likely to expire?

    1. You and the buyer share the same expiry date on data e.g if the expiry date on your data is 15/10/2014, everyone that buys from you also get same date.

      With very sound marketing, you should be able to sell the whole data within 72 hours and i think that's still ok to the buyers

  6. Due to the recent restrictions MTN placed on sme 250, 500, 750mb datashare plans,
    the minimum data that can be purchased is now 1GB. Our price list:

    1gb......(N1,100-bank) (N1,300-MTN credit/airtime)

    2gb......(N2,200-bank) (N2,500-MTN credit).

    3GB 3,200 naira (3,500MTN credit/airtime)

    5GB 5,000 naira


    We accept; Bank deposit, Internet banking, Quickteller, ATM Transfer, Mobile Money
    We also accept recharge card as payment or airtime transfer: (see differences in prices above)

    # If paying to my bank account then click here for bank payment details

    After payment, send the following to any of my contacts; *Depositor?s name.*The bundle plan you paid for. *Amount paid. *And the phone number to be credited with the data bundle.

    # If paying with recharge card, then send the recharge card pin of equivalent amount, together with the number you want to be credited with data bundle. Send to


    You can also do airtime transfer to the same number, after transfer you text amount transferred and ur mtn number.

    Your order will be processed instantly once payment is confirmed.

    For more info, call; 070-33-62-1499 (WhatsApp)

    or contact customer helpdesk 07033621499. (whatsapp)

  7. that is gud bt want to start this bussiness but i can not change my pin pls help.


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