Full details of the FREE Airtel Life and Hospital insurance for Airtel subscribers


Airtel Nigeria is indeed the first telecommunication provider in Nigeria to launch a completely FREE Insurance cash policy for her customers, covering life and hospital bill. This free insurance policy from Airtel is for their registered customers between the ages of 18-65 that are residents of
Nigeria.This post contains full details on all you need to know about this Airtel insurance, it's a little bit long but i'd try to keep it short as possible.

It is opened to all interested Prepaid and Postpaid Airtel subscribers with a registered SIM. The amount of cash cover you get on the event of death or hospitalization is based on the amount of recharge you make in the previous month.

Breakdown of how the Airtel Insurance Works 

1. The first step is to register for the service by dialing *259# and reply the confirmation message with your name as requested..
2. Use an aggregate of 1000, 5000 or 10,000 naira on your Airtel line before the last day of that month to get insurance cover for the next month, this means that all the recharge credits you load for that month will be summed up to qualify you for the insurance cash cover for the next month (see table of the equivalent cash cover below).
3. You should bear in mind that you are only entitled to the hospital cover after spending at least 3 days in that hospital and you are only entitled to the hospital cash cover four (4) times in a year.

4. The hospital should be one of the recognized hospitals by the NHIS (National Health Insurance Scheme). So, in other words it is very important we patronize only NHIS recognized hospitals.  (see list of NHIS recognized hospitals here)

Total amount recharged
Hospital cover for next month
Life Cover for Next month
1000 Naira
5000 Naira
10,000 Naira


 How to make claim on the Airtel Insurance

Since, the main purpose of getting every insurance policy is to be able to get the benefits when the need arises then we should as well talk about how Airtel will be giving us the benefits in the case of death or hospitalization.
From what have been able to confirm, the first step involved is to call Airtel customer service on 121 to get information on the needed documents and where to submit them. According to Airtel, it takes within 72 hours to process payments after the valid documents have been released.

Payments will be made via Bank draft or electronic transfers at GTBank, First Bank or Union banks across the country.

In my own opinion, i think this is a great initiative to make life insurance accessible to all Nigerians and it is also very easy to register with the only proof of identification being our Airtel line, Cool Isn't it? Well let's have your candid opinion on this post. I just hope and pray that Airtel customer service will not frustrate as usual.

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  1. I used to think it was scam but this article is convincing. I might just give it a try, after all it's FREE

  2. Is it OK if I do Airtel top-up?


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