to provide quick access to auto insurance policy in Nigeria

--AD-- is an online auto insurance platform to be launched in Nigeria on monday (20/10/2014). It was setup by a group of intellectuals and the platform was quickly approved by relevant regulatory bodies in the insurance sector.

A meeting was organized this week between stakeholders in the insurance sector and the owners of to demonstrate and explain how the whole thing works. According to the group, Autogenius will serve as a platform to make auto-insurance purchase easier than ever by allowing prospective customers browse the site for various insurance quotes, compare prices from leading insurance firms in the country, select their choice option and get insured, as simple as that.

The platform is in collaboration with major insurance companies in Nigeria such as Aiico, Custodian, LeadWay, NEM, Royal Exchange and Sovereign trust Insurance companies.

The site will not only provide you with the best and affordable insurance policy for your vehicles but will also enable you purchase it online directly from any of their insurance partners that was mentioned earlier. The site will also allow you verify the authenticity of your insurance certificate, provide you with tips on how to maintain your car and many more. I guess that's why they are called "Geeks"

You would agree with me that one of the setbacks in the insurance sector has been lack of ICT integration and this bold step from AutoGenius seems to be a great one towards fixing it. I will be updating you with more details on this Auto insurance platform as soon as they fully launch the site

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on monday, right now we are counting down to the launching, so for now, i would like you to do a little insurance for our updates by Connecting with Inforisticblog on Facebook, Twitter, Google + or via Email. This will ensure you don't miss out on our future updates. By the way, a brand new car is up for grabs for a lucky person out of the first 1000 customers to purchase comprehensive or Third party fire and theft via the site, full details on that will be available as soon as the site is launched. keep your fingers crossed :)

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  1. This innovation would definitely increase the number of vehicle owners using auto-insurance but they should also consider adding other insurance companies to the platform, as for me I still prefer Masard insurance from Gtbank.

  2. Cornerstone insurance company also offers auto-insurance cover, the company should be on this list too and there are several other auto-insurance providers in Nigeria that are strong and reliable as well.

    1. Mansard insurance already have their online platform to enable people get quotes and make payment

  3. The guys behind this piece are doing great for themselves and their country. Big ups to them

  4. Auto insurance organizations spread you and your travelers in case of a mishap. Be that as it may, it is dependent upon you to choose the dimension of spread you will get. What cars have 3 full seats in the back?


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