How to Buy used Cars in Nigeria


Searching for a new car to buy might be a little hectic, especially when it has to do with getting your dream car at the best price in the market or getting a car to fit your status or work demand.

Sometimes it could be the size of family that is under consideration. Instead of walking from one showroom to another, Buying online is definitely cooler.

So how can you buy a second-hand car in Nigeria? Log on to and go to the Cars section to begin the search. 

You can choose the minimum and maximum range of price you can afford and the site will automatically come up with the best cars you can get within that price range. 

You can get both new and used cars on and be rest assured they are listed by real people, Just select the right filters to enhance quick search

Moreover, on issues of car maintenance especially on getting quality and affordable spare parts and accessories for your car, also offer listings on car parts and accessories from various parts of Nigeria. 

Ensure you have chosen the correct state during your search so you can have a unique listing that is not far away from your location.


For all questions you should immediately call, instead of writing an e-mail or leave a comment. Perhaps the car has been sold or has obtained bail. Talk allows you to immediately clarify many things, and to book a meeting on car inspection. 

For Car inspection, it is best to choose a clear day with dry weather. And if you are satisfied with what you’ve seen -pay the money and drive on.

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