Download GTBank Mobile App for Android, Blackberry and Apple devices


The GTBank Mobile application makes banking from home a lot easier and secured for GTBank customers. This app allows you to pay bills, cable TV subscriptions, transfer money from your account to GTBank and Non-Gtbank accounts and above all, you can monitor transactions made on your account in real time. See other benefits of the app and download links as you read on.

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Features of the GTBank Mobile App

1. Stop or confirm checks
2. Monitor and preview your transactions history
3. Access to all your accounts in one place
4. Carry out FX transfers

Download-gtbank-mobile-app-to-android-blackberry-and-apple devices
GTBank Mobile App

Download GTBank Mobile App

Apple devices - Click here to download
Android devices - Click here to download
Blackberry devices - Click here to download
Nokia devices - Click here to download

NB: You need to apply for GTBank internet banking feature on your account to get your Login ID and password. Call GTConnect on 08029002900 or 08039003900 for further inquiries.

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