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Pokemon Go - the viral AR game by Nintendo that was released some weeks back is still yet to be available across the globe but despite the fact that it has not been officially released everywhere, you can still by-pass the restrictions, download the Pokemon Go app, install and join the adventure.

This tip will show you how to download the Pokemon Go on your iPhone outside the US regardless of your region or country.


How to download Pokemon Go on iPhone

This tutorial will enable you download the Pokemon Go app from the US app store despite not being in the US.

STEP 1: Logout of your local app store account
To log out, go to Settings > iTunes and App store > Tap Apple ID at the bottom then sign out.

STEP 2: Change the region on your iPhone or Ipad
  • Launch Settings on the home screen
  • Tap "General" > Tap "language and region" towards the bottom
  • Tap "Region" and select "United States"
STEP 3: Change to a US IP address
  • Click here to download VPN from Apple store
  • After installing VPN, use it to change to a US IP then go back to Apple store
STEP 4: Create new Apple ID in the US store
  • Go to Pokemon Go on the App store. (click the link!)
  • Tap Get > Tap Install > Tap Create New Apple ID
  • Check United States if it has not already been checked for you.
  • Fill the necessary fields and choose "none" for the billing information segment since the game is FREE
STEP 5: Download Pokemon Go
  • Go to the link in step 4 again and click Get > Install
NB:This Step 5 is just necessary if the game didn't download and install in the last step

I have heard some people talk about downloading the Pokemon Go on iPhone without use of VPN, i am yet to confirm that but i will share it as soon as i do.

I hope this was helpful, now take few seconds to share it with your friends via any of the share buttons below this page. Cheers!

Do you know any other means of downloading Pokemon Go on iPhone? Kindly tell us via comments.




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