How to Open Access Bank Account via Phone now

Access Bank Plc is a Nigerian multinational commercial bank, owned by Access Bank Group. The bank now allows prospective customers to easily open a bank account without stress via their mobile phone. Find out all the requirements and other important details as you read on.

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Recently, Access bank launched a short code that allows her customers pay bills, buy airtime, transfer funds and other transactions, this *901# short code also comes with a feature that allows prospective customers to open a new Access Bank savings account.

How to Open New Access Bank Account via Phone


  • To open the account using your mobile phone, simply dial *901*0#.

  • After dialing the code, you will be prompted to open the account using your BVN - Bank Verification Number or your Personal details. (Dial *565*0# to know your BVN)

  • Choose BVN or Personal details, respond to the remaining prompts correctly then wait for confirmation message containing your Access Bank account number. 

If you have your BVN with you i suggest you choose the BVN otherwise choose Personal details. Use of BVN makes it more easier.

NB: If you choose to use BVN for the account opening, it is better you dial the code on the mobile line that is registered on your BVN profile else you may get an error code stating that the records does not match.

What to do after getting your Account number

Your Access Bank account is ready for use as soon as you complete the process but you need to fully activate the account by going to the nearest Access bank branch with your Passport photograph and valid ID.

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  1. No need for all these na since I will have to goto the bank again for account completion...

  2. Why did the opening fail for someone. It states that his number has been used for another account

    1. Hi Unknown, that means you already have an account with access bank which is already associated with that phone number.

      However, to be sure, I will advise you go to the nearest Access bank branch to have them look into the issue

  3. What if I gat no identification card can I go with only passport.

  4. What if I gat no identification card can I go with my passport photograph

    1. Well, you will need to provide a valid means of identification to receive money that exceeds the set limit on the account.

  5. What someone who had issues with the bank and was advised to close but can open a new access bank account after wards please am seriously in need of it for my new job and they are requesting for it for easy salary payment

  6. Can I join to open as a foreigner and I don't have my permit yet?


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