New Trends Show Mobile Is A Must For Business


It seems that the future is most definitely going to be mobile for businesses. We look at our phones around one hundred times each day according to a new report by the Daily Mail.

But that’s just the average, and the fact is there are probably a lot of people looking at their phones a lot more than this. They will be checking out apps, searching the web and looking at social media.

Not only that but approximately forty-fifty percent of internet users online are on mobile devices. What does this mean for businesses? Well, for a start it points to a whole new type of website design.

New Trends Show Mobile Is A Must For Business

Mobile Ready

In the past, mobile website design was an afterthought. Responsiveness was something that you added to your site if you had the time or the money. It was certainly not something that all businesses invested in, but things have changed.

These days, businesses offer what is referred to as a mobile first design. This means, as the name suggests, that mobile responsiveness becomes the top priority. It’s a good idea, particularly for companies that are hoping to attract local customers.

For instance, if you own a restaurant you might be hoping to interest customers searching for nearby places to dine on their phone. If that’s the case, you need a website that is fully optimized for mobile use.

It’s not the only reason why being mobile ready is a must. Now there are new Google penalties built into the algorithm penalizing businesses that aren’t providing a mobile platform on their site. As such, if you’re not mobile ready, you could be looking at a low search ranking. This is certainly going to damage your online performance.


There are quite literally thousands of apps to download and access on your mobile phone these days. There’s an app for everything and businesses can invest in iPhone app development or Android app development.

Most companies choose to pour their resources into both as this broadens their customers base. But the bottom line is that apps are a great opportunity for companies. They allow businesses to create a new platform for marketing or a fresh source of purchases.

Logically, if you give customers a new way to buy you’re going to see an increase in sales. If only because you will start getting sales from the customers who were waiting for that source to arrive.

Don’t forget apps are also becoming more immersive. Business owners should certainly be looking at the potential of a VR app if it suits their product or service. Holiday companies can now give customers VR experiences of places they might be thinking about visiting.

New Trends Show Mobile Is A Must For Business
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Cool Content

We do need to think about how content fits into these trends. We know based on reports that video content and images are the most shared online. That means this is what businesses need to be focusing on.

It’s also fair to say that images and videos are more effective on mobile devices. As such business owners are going to need to pour resources into developing content that is visual. In the future, most of the content online is predicted to be video files that are easy to view on mobile devices.

As you can see then, the future of the business world is certainly mobile. Are you prepared for this change?