Faraday Future's Upcoming Electric Super Car: See Video


Faraday Future may collapse, but that does not mean that the company can not produce a good video - and possibly build an attractive car.

After a few months of silence, the company released a new video on YouTube - well named "Emergence" - which finally shows us the next electric Super car, the FF 91, in a real driving scenario.

Of course, we saw the car in the flesh at CES this year in January, but seeing it on the road, among other cars, makes it increasingly credible that the car will one day reach the market.

Faraday Future's Upcoming Super Electric Car

At the moment, things do not look very good; Leaders leave, funding is a problem, and the company should have reduced its ambitious plans for building a plant in Las Vegas.

If all these issues are settled, Faraday should start building his FF 91 car supercar in 2018. The car should have a maximum power of 1,050 and go from zero to 60 MPH in less than 2.4 seconds.

For now, however, we can take advantage of the trolling vehicle, the futuristic vehicle slips on a real road and, as the video says, impregnate all sorts of information about its surroundings. Does the FF 91 really measure the heights of nearby stunts (go to 0:20 in the video)? Only time will tell.

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