4 Hassle-Free Online Payment Options for Nigerian Freelancers


In 2015, Nigerian freelancers received about ₦7.56 Billion from online work abroad. In a country of over 180 million residents, Nigeria has a $3 billion e-commerce industry with over 60 million internet users. 

However, with the high rate of freelancers, local citizens find themselves limited to the number of payment options online. Simply because PayPal, an American online payment system, is still not open to Nigeria. 

4 Hassle-Free Online Payment Options for Nigerian Freelancers
Image by Pinna-Messina

The current ban placed on money payments in Nigeria has been a constant struggle for many people. It has made thousands of Nigerian freelancers incur monetary losses and unable to accept work from clients abroad.

In 2016, local citizens signed a petition that allows Nigerians to use PayPal and receive funds. 

The petition was not formally rejected. However, it gained zero response from the ePayment platform. While we can continue to fight for a change in the payment regulations, there is still hope in other online platforms. Check out these hassle-free online payment options for Nigerian freelancers:

Skrill – previously known as Moneybookers

One of the top alternatives to PayPal to date is Skrill. This option allows Nigerians to receive money locally and abroad as well as provide the same services as PayPal. What’s more, you can transfer your money on Payoneer to Skrill and request it to be sent to your local bank account. 

Just keep in mind that you will have to verify your account before you can enjoy the full benefits of this online payment platform.

A cheque for Direct Bank Deposits

While receiving funds through Cheque may take weeks, this payment method is ideal for those looking to build credit, pay personal income tax, and apply for business and personal loans. 

Self-employed applicants with income from freelance work may encounter additional fees, depending on their financial plans. For instance, freelancers may want to look at personal financing options rather than business ones for a higher chance of success.  

You can request payments from the company or individual straight to your mailing address. Once the check is received, you can claim your earnings at any Nigerian bank. Keep in mind, this option is not ideal if you want to receive the funds immediately.

Payoneer Mastercard

One of the main reasons why Nigerians prefer Payoneer is the option to receive payments internationally. Freelancers can transfer their earnings from freelance job sites, individuals, affiliate networks, and reputable companies with their very own debit MasterCard. 

Payoneer also allows you to receive direct payments and load funds directly to your card. That way, you can instantly withdraw your funds from any ATM that processes MasterCard-approved cards. Sign up here

2checkout – Also Known as 2co

2Co is one of the most popular online services in Africa as it allows clients to pay via PayPal and Credit Card. This helps prevent the loss of earning for those who have clients working with only PayPal and credit services.  

However, there are a few conditions to consider. 2checkout charges a 3.5% processing fee + $.45 per money transaction. You will also need a minimum of $300 to transfer to your bank account.

Using these four services are simple. All it takes is to simply visit their websites, sign up, and provide the appropriate requirements. 

Once the process is complete, you can be on your way to receiving your funds fast and easy. Just make sure that your client is also registered with the same sites to prevent any disruptions or challenges along the way.