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How To Resolve CAC Query And Get Your Business Name Approved

After submitting the required documents on the CAC document upload portal, a CAC officer will go through all the provided details to determine if the business name can be approved or not.
In a case where there is a problem with some of the details provided, you will receive a CAC query that must be treated before re-submitting your Business name application.

How To Resolve CAC Query And Get Your Business Name Approved

Your Business name registration on the CAC online portal could be queried for various reasons, in order to get it approved on time, it is advisable you read our step-by-step guide on registering business name to avoid common mistakes.

However, let's proceed on resolving CAC query, and getting your Business name approved on time.

Resolving CAC Query

Depending on the query you received, if it has to do with error in the details you filled online, follow the steps below to resolve the CAC Query;

  • Click "Correct data"
  • Preview and submit the details you have filled
  • Click "Save"
  • Download documents, sign and upload it on the CAC Documents Upload Portal 
  • Click on "Resolve Query" to notify the Admins that you have resolved the Query

Based on my Experience with Business name registration on CAC portal, you might be queried for uploading Remita receipt instead of the CAC generated receipt on your CAC account dashboard. 

In this case, you should go to your dashboard, click the business name that was approved, and click Payment receipt to download the CAC generated receipt. 

Due to the varying issues that could trigger a query, I might not be able to cover all, but CAC query can be resolved easily by following the instructions in the Query Email you received from CAC.

If you encounter any problem, you can drop a comment in the comments section.

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