2 Ways to Save Whatsapp Video Status on Android Phones


Are you looking for a way to download whatsapp video from status? or you are wondering how to save a video from a friend's whatsapp status to your Android phone. This post explains all the methods you can use to save any Whatsapp video status to your Android phone.

How To Save Whatsapp Video Status of other Whatsapp Users

  • First Method: Saving Whatsapp Video Status Via File Manager

  1. Watch the video or see the image on the Whatsapp status section.
  2. Open your file manager, open up it's options or settings, toggle hidden files.
  3. Navigate to WhatsApp’s folder, look out for status
  4. Open it. You'll find all played videos and images you saw.
  5. You can select the images or video you want, either cut or copy to the video or image folder in your gallery.

  • Second Method: Saving Whatsapp Video Status via App

There are so many third party applications in the Google Playstore that allows you to save other users' Whatsapp video status or image to your Android device. You can find many of the apps here

However, since the list in the Playstore could be overwhelming so I decided to share the one I have been using; 

Status Saver by LaZy GeNiOuZ InC.

You can download Status Saver here (the link will take you to the playstore)

How to Use it
Using it is very simple and effortless. Simply watch the whatsapp videos status of the user, and the Status Saver app will automatically have a copy for you when the you open the app.

What you have to do next is to Open the Status Saver app to save the video or image you just watched and it will be waiting for you in your phone's gallery.
Viewing already seen whatsapp image status on the Status Saver app

Saving a Whatsapp status image via Status Saver

The App accesses the hidden whatsapp folder that temporarily stores every video or image status you view on your Whatsapp. This files are only available for 24 hours from the moment the user has posted it, so it is advisable you Tap save when you find it in the Status Saver app you downloaded.


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Do you have anything to add to this post, or you know any other method of saving the Whatsapp video or image status of other users? Please tell us via comments. And if this post has helped you, don't hesitate to share it or drop a comment. Cheers!