How To Borrow Data From MTN Nigeria


Are you stuck, looking for how to borrow data from MTN network? This post is for you. You can also chec out our list of the cheapest MTN data plans in 2023 when you have enough airtime to subscribe 

Let's get it. You can't predict how things happen correctly.

Checking your data balance regularly doesn't prevent your data from getting exhausted, it will help you keep track of it so that you can minimize the usage.

How To Borrow Data From MTN Nigeria

MTN Nigeria is a BIG Telecommunication Company in Nigeria and they've got a huge follower base.

The Network provider understands how it feels like to be stranded when you're denied internet access (insufficient data or data is exhausted).

You should be familiar with the notification sent by MTN anytime your data balance is exhausted.

"You have exhausted your data bla bla"

MTN is good at sending this particular message through pop-up, lol 😆. (Abi them want make e finish)

Yeah, so back to the purpose of today's post. You will find everything you need to know about this MTN service that allows you to borrow data.

About Borrow Data Service.

It's known as XtraByte that gives you access to borrow data on credit and pay on your next recharge.

To keep this service up and running, MTN limited it to all eligible MTN prepaid customers on the Network.

You don't need airtime on your line to borrow data, you only need to get some important things done to partake in the XtraByte service.

Wondering what to do? See the details below.

How To Be Eligible For MTN XtraByte Service

For MTN to allow you to borrow data, you must do the following.

• Make sure you are a prepaid customer.
• Make sure your number is registered.
• You must be more than 3months on the MTN Network.
• Recharge at least N200 monthly for 3months.
• Your account balance must be between N0 and N75.
• Make sure you've paid all outstanding XtraByte debts.

Now, you can proceed to borrow the amount of data you're permitted.

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How To Borrow Data From MTN Nigeria.

It's simple. Follow the below steps correctly:

Using USSD Method

• Simply dial *606# on your phone dialer.
• Select XtraByte from the list you see.

Here, you will find the available data plans you can borrow.

• Select the one you prefer.

After this action, you will see a pop-up message that tells you the amount you borrow and the service fee to be deducted.

• Confirm the message to process your request.

After that, you will receive the data, then the bundle plus service fee will be deducted from your main account when you recharge.

You will also receive a message that tells you that the transaction was successful.

Using 606 IVR Method

This method is also easy. You just have to call the number, place your order (request) and you'll get your data ASAP.

Follow the steps correctly:
• Dial 606 from your dialer app.

Listen carefully, you will be asked to select your preferred language either English, Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba.

• Select one (English Recommended)

After selecting your preferred language, you will be asked to select between XtraTime and XtraByte.

• Select XtraByte by typing the code the voice tells you.

Now, listen carefully again to select one of the data plans from the voice you hear.

• Select a data plan by typing the correct number you are asked.

After that, you will be asked to confirm that you agree with the data bundle plus service fee deduction.

Once you confirm the data volume and the service fee, you will receive the data bundle you request and the applicable fee will be deducted.

That's how to borrow data from MTN Pulse and other tariff plans in Nigeria.

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In the next section, I will answer all the questions you may have consigning MTN XtraByte.

Some Important Things You Must Know About XtraByte Service

Before you proceed, have a look at some things you must know about this service.

• MTN collects a 15% service fee on any data bundle you borrow. For example, if you request 25megabytes, which costs N50 default, you will be given 25MB complete.

• It goes down to your main account balance and it will be stated -57.5, which means you are owing N57.5. Yes, the N7.5 is the XtraByte service fee which is 15% of 25MB and bundle you borrow (as explained earlier).

• The data you borrowed will be credited in your XtraByte account.

• You can check your borrowed data by dialing *606#, select 'My Account', and reply '2' to see your XtraByte account balance.

• You are not limited, you can request Airtime, Data, Check Balance with the simple code (*606#).

• There are four (4) languages available on the 606 IVR menu, which are: English, Igbo, Yoruba, and Hausa.

• The cost to request data through 606 IVR is free.

• You can borrow more on top of your existing data loan as long as you haven't reached your credit limit yet.

• You pay back your loan once you recharge your line.

• All data plans have validity periods. Yes, it's the same as the normal data bundle packages.

• You can't transfer the data whether you use the Xtrabytes data, you must pay for it. Meanwhile, the data is active until its validity data is met.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Borrow 1GB Data From MTN?

Yes, you can request for 1gigabyte if your monthly recharge is above N1000 (3months).

Is There A Code To Check MTN Borrow Data Balance?

Yes, simply dial *606#, select 'My Account' and follow the prompt to view your XtraByte balance.

Can I Borrow 750MB From MTN?

Yes, you can borrow 750megabytes, it all depends on your monthly recharge. Make sure you recharge at least N1000 or more every month for 3months and boom, you are good.


Lack of data is related to insufficient airtime on all Networks.

Yes, you already know that without airtime you can't buy data. Oh! That's not true. It's possible to buy data directly by using a certain code to load a card on your MTN line.

But what will you do in a case where you can't get to a Recharge Card Seller and you need to buy a data bundle to browse the Internet.

This post shows you how to borrow airtime from MTN anytime, anywhere.

Hope it helps you. Leave a comment below. Share this post with friends on social media.

Peace ✌️

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