What AI Is And Why It Is Important In Modern Health Care Industry


Artificial intelligence changes the machines and programs them to think like a human while doing some task. This technology has changed the lives of people all around the world. Be it office, schools, or hospitals, AI is used everywhere.
The competition is not low here too, therefore Artificial Intelligence development companies tries to make the seamless architectures to provide their clients with best in class solutions.
AI in Modern Health Care Industry

Integrating healthcare solutions with AI is the next big thing. The healthcare system can take advantage of AI features and implement them to make better software. 

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Artificial Intelligence will one day eliminate the need of humans for small things like scheduling, checking, sending messages and responding. Every day there are new advancements in technology, the world is growing at a rapid pace.

The use of machine learning and AI has increased in the healthcare industry. The investment of AI in healthcare is expected to increase by 48% between the year 2017 and 2023, this was reported by business insider.

Understanding Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Machine learning can help the healthcare industry a lot. ML is a part of AI and can provide data-driven clinical decision support (CDS) to the staff and the physicians in a hospital.

This will also increase the potential to earn more revenue. Machine Learning is actually a subset of AI to be specific. It is used to identify patterns and learn from it using the algorithms and data that is provided by the developers. It can provide important insights and data to healthcare providers. Artificial intelligence solutions can provide the healthcare industry with data and insights that can help them improve their services. 

Examples of AI in Healthcare

Two important examples of AI in the healthcare industry are stated below:
1. IBM has developed a technology Watson that can pinpoint treatments for patients suffering from cancer.
2. Google Cloud’s Healthcare application has made it easier for organizations related to healthcare to collect, store, and access data of people.

Benefits, Problems, Risks, and Ethics of AI in Healthcare

The benefits of integrating Artificial Intelligence with Healthcare technology are many. There are many tasks that can be automated with its help, and patient’s data can also be analyzed efficiently.

With AI, big data sets can be easily analyzed, they can pull together patient insights and this helps leading to predictive analysis. With the help of the technology obtaining the data of the patients will become fast and it will help the healthcare system to focus on more important tasks that require improvement.

Nowadays there are some wearable devices that focus on acquiring various details of the human body to track their health. Almost all wearable healthcare devices use AI. With the help of AI, they are able to track the steps, heartbeat, pulse rate and many more things related to physical health. Most of the wearable companies use the technology to analyze the fitness of a person through these records. 

Risks to the health and many more things about the health of a person can be figured out with the data analyzed by the fitness wearables. People can keep track of the calories they have taken and how much they have burned. Healthcare application development companies focus on aspects that will help individuals take control of their own health. For this purpose, artificial intelligence solutions are needed with normal healthcare data. 

There are some disadvantages too, the data and the analysis might not be exactly accurate all the time. This puts the person or the organization at risk. 

The data might be biased, the AI can capture data unconsciously and that makes the data irregular. The technology has to be used very carefully to stay useful and riskfree. If the algorithm that has been coded for a specific device is not correct or contains some wrong inputs, those applications will not work right. There might be problems that will be hard to solve.

Future of AI in the Healthcare industry

With the increase in demand for fitness wearable devices, the demand for AI in healthcare has also increased. Digital medicine is also in trend, AI has transformed the way the healthcare industry used to work.

Healthcare industries and Hospitals need AI-based software to store patient’s data on cloud computing platforms. They have started to see the benefits of the implementation of artificial intelligence solutions with healthcare. Almost every Healthcare app development services have started using AI in some way in all their software development projects. 

There are software that can record analyze and create a detailed summary of the patient’s health. The doctors just need to look and decide the medicines. The machines will be capable of even prescribing medicines to the patients after some time by recording their symptoms and analyzing their body. The future of AI in Healthcare is very bright and there will be many innovations that will help in many ways.

An Artificial Intelligence development company has great scope to excel and establish themselves in this time. They can innovate and attract every big healthcare industry. Not just hospitals but even pharma companies need AI solutions to excel in their business and to eliminate the need of a human employee in laboratories just for the purpose of recording and analyzing the data. 

Owing to the high integration of AI into the regular operations of healthcare services, the AI developers are also in high demand for the projects in healthcare development companies. No application is made nowadays without the use of AI technology. People are getting smart and they wish their machines and software to be smart too. 

AI and Machine Learning make machines smart, they can understand things on their own. There will be a time when the machine or software will be able to understand the person’s health and will be able to advise them to do things that will help them.

The only that needs to be taken care of is the inconsistency in the code. The device or software should be checked properly before it is released for people or doctors to be used. The wrong type of application or machine can put the life of patients at risk. There might be problems that may be hard to overcome.

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  1. I don't buy the idea of AI, it's just the beginning of end of human kind, you only discuss what it does, but don't talk of its rebellion against its own creator just like the previous day's.

    Believe me, we don't need technology in this world.


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