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Samsung To Unveil Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in August

The rumors about the launch date of the new Samsung Note 10 phone has been confirmed true. 

60 Awesome Smartphones that support 4G network

As the major telcos in Nigeria begin to roll out 4G network to different parts of the country, it has become paramount to own a 4G capable smartphone in order to enjoy the speed and quality that this new network has got to offer. In view of that, i decided to share with you this list of 60 top smartphones that support 4G network in Nigeria.

6 Cool Android phones to replace Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Due to many reports of explosions, Samsung created a recall and replacement program to fix the safety problems of their Galaxy Note 7 device. But unfortunately, the problems persisted, and some replacement devices have been reported to have explosion related issues again.

Why Cell Phone batteries explode: All you should know

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone back in August, with its much-lauded battery life, the South Korean firm looked like it was on top of the game -- until the phones started exploding making people to start seeing the phone as a potential explosive.

Samsung to reveal this month why the Galaxy Note 7 kept Exploding

One of the biggest mysteries of the Smartphone world in 2016 might finally be unraveled later this month.

Samsung to remotely shutdown all Active Galaxy Note 7 Devices

Despite several recall announcements for users of the Note 7 device to return it for other Samsung devices with no battery explosion records. some users have been slow to give up their devices and Samsung has decided to shut them down remotely.

Samsung France sends Free Gifts to owners of the formal Galaxy Note 7

Samsung France has begun sending free 128GB microSD cards to former Galaxy Note 7 owners. It is also running a contest that gives 1,000 lucky winners the chance to attend its new virtual reality theme park in Paris.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosions hasn't damaged the brand's name in the US

A global recall of fire-prone Galaxy Note 7 smartphones did not appear to hurt U.S. consumers' willingness to buy Samsung Electronics ( 005930.KS ) phones. Here's why we say so.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 specs, Release date, price and Rumours

While Samsung is trying to bury the Galaxy Note 7 mishap in the past, the widely expected Galaxy Note 8 is already gaining a lot of attention from consumers and analysts.

Samsung Nigeria talks about the Galaxy Note 7, offers Assistance

The Samsung flagship phone Galaxy Note 7 was yet to be officially launched in Nigeria before the sad incidents of explosions began to surface among its current users. However, for the sake of those that already have the Note 7 in their possession, Samsung Nigeria has decided to speak on their concerns and also available assistance to its Nigerian users.

Samsung to give you $100 for returning your Galaxy Note 7

It is no longer news that some users of the Samsung GalaxyNote 7 released this year has witnessed cases of battery explosions which led to recall of the device twice. Although, the company has stopped production of the device , announcements has been made by the company urging customers to go and exchange their Note 7 for other Samsung smartphones and even get rewarded.

Samsung finally stops Galaxy Note 7 Production

South Korean tech giant Samsung has permanently stopped production of its high-end Galaxy Note 7 smartphones after reports of devices it had deemed safe for customers started exploding as usual.

Another Samsung Galaxy Note 7 replacement explodes

After reports of Samsung Galaxy Note7 explosions, the company suspended sales and later manufactured replacement units that promised to come with no safety concerns. But now, with yet another report of a replacement Galaxy Note7 unit exploding, it's becoming clear that Samsung will have trouble winning the public's trust regarding the problematic Galaxy Note 7.

Samasung Galaxy Note 7: Full Specifications

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a 5.7-inch, stylus-slinging Android phone manufactured by the Korean company Samsung. This stylishly curved glass screen phone with precise S Pen and a brilliant dual edge display comes with a 4 GB RAM , 64 GB internal storage space and a octa-core processor.

Samsung Recalls Galaxy Note 7 over faulty batteries

Samsung has issued a global recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 following the reports of battery explosion of some of the product. The Galaxy Note 7 is one of the highly rated phones that was released this year

Price of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 EDGE in Nigeria

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 EDGE were launched sometimes last month (Februrary) during the World Mobile Congress Event that was held in Barcelona, Spain. Since then, the water-proofed smartphone has been in the headlines of various News platforms across the internet.

Samsung Galaxy Star S5282: Cheapest Android Phone in Nigeria 2014

The Samsung Galaxy Star S5282 is indeed the cheapest Android phone in Nigeria as at the time of writing this post in this month of July. The phone is been sold on online shoping sites; Jumia and konga for 11,895 naira and 11,000 naira respectively. Cheap! isn't it? Well let's check out the features

Purchase Samsung Galaxy S5 from Gloworld NG and get 1GB FREE for 6 months

Many weeks back i posted about the full specifications and price of the samsung galaxy s5 in Nigeria , A lot of people have been enjoying the new features packed in the new Samsung galaxy s5 but Glo Nigeria is even making it better through their partnership with  the Manufacturers of the mobile device to provide exclusive services to users of the Samsung Galaxy S5 on the Globacom Nigeria platform.

Samsung Galaxy S5: Full Specifications and Price in Nigeria

The samsung Galaxy S5 is now in stores and i have decided to make a brief but detailed report on it's exciting features and as well- The price in Nigeria. The samsung Galaxy S5 is really cool and has added more to the regular features we have come to know in smartphones globally.

The Best Smartphone Brands in the Nigerian Market

In Nigeria there are always more people switching from a normal cellphone to a smartphone. The reasons can be many: first of all, they are ‘smarter’ and allow you to do many more things, thanks to their apps and browsers, such as chats and surfing the net. Second, they are more trendy and up to date all over the world. So how do you change your